History of the Society for Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust

Since 1978 the Society for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust has been dedicated to exploring various kinds of philosophic responses to the most pressing issues of our troubled times. Genocide has become so commonplace that even the most graphic and moving depictions do little to move us toward transformations of the way we think and act. We have monuments, museums, and memorials but only the beginnings of philosophic transformations.

The SPSGH was founded to promote a philosophic discussion of genocide and the Holocaust in the belief that a completely open-ended and non-sectarian approach to these issues is the best way to foster research and philosophical studies for the required transformations of our murderous, business-as-usual world.

Since its founding SPSGH national and international membership has grown considerably. Professor emeritus James R. Watson is the editor of the Holocaust and Genocide Studies series published by Rodopi. Papers presented at any of the SPSGH conferences may be submitted for possible publication in future volumes of this series.

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