Society for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust

SPSGH 2016 in association with APA Central Division


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We meet every year in association with the American Philosophical Association (APA) in the spring of the following year. Programs for these meetings usually consists of a panel of 4 to 5 presenters on a theme decided in advance of the meetings. Specific information is available from the Vice-Presidents of each division—Erik Vogt and André Mineau, respectively.

Several published volumes resulting from these conferences have been published. In 2000 Prometheus published Contemporary Portrayals of Auschwitz. Rodopi ( is publishing Metacide: Genocide in the Pursuit of Excellence in 2009 as another in its series Holocaust and Genocide Studies, edited by James R. Watson. HGS is a special series in the Value Inquiry Book Series. Over 100 volumes have been published in VIBS. Four of these are in HGS : Theoretical Interpretations of the Holocaust, ed. Dan Stone; The Making of the Holocaust , André Mineau; Post-modernism and the Holocaust, eds. Alan Milchman and Alan Rosenberg; Between Auschwitz and Tradition, James R. Watson. Proposals for the HGS series should be submitted to James R. Watson.

Suggestions for future conference themes and papers are encouraged and should be sent to the respective Vice-Presidents.



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